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What happens to the lone survivor in a slasher movie? What comes next for them—can they ever really return to a normal life? Imagine if these survivors teamed up, using their harrowing experiences to hunt down killers and ensure no one else has to endure the nightmares they've faced."

Survivor Sorority is a tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) where players take on the role of Final Girls – the last girl standing among their slaughtered friends. Use your wits and your own experience with monstrous predators to uncover clues and track down the next Killers before they can strike again. 


Whether delving into the dark recesses of abandoned asylums, deciphering cryptic messages, or facing off against seemingly unstoppable adversaries, each session promises suspense, and heart-pounding action.

Survivor Sorority is a story driven TTRPG that utilizes the evocative imagery and symbolism of tarot cards to resolve actions. The game encourages creativity and improvisation, empowering players to interpret the cards in ways that resonate with their characters and the overarching story.

Group or Solo Play
The core rule book offers three styles of play: Traditional Storyteller led, GM-less, and Solo play.
Traditional mode utilizes a Storyteller to craft the world for the other players. The Storyteller takes on the role of the Killer, the Victims, and the world they inhabit. They set the traps, steer the narrative, but most importantly they are there to make sure everyone has fun.

GM-less mode empowers players to collaborate in driving the story forward, resolving conflicts, and introducing new elements to the evolving saga. This offers a more flexible gaming experience, where the focus is on collective storytelling.
Solo mode provides a rich, immersive experience without the need for a GM or other players. Utilizing a Tarot deck and tables to drive the narrative, the player can experience unique, terrifying adventures entirely on their own.
Whether played with a GM, solo, or in a GM-less format, Survivor Sorority provides all the tools you need to create an engaging tabletop role-playing experience.

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