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Step into the shoes of the freaks and outsiders, those who have faced lifelong ostracization due to the mysterious, inexplicable events that seem to follow them wherever they go.


Seeking to start anew at college, you meet others like you, though from different backgrounds and possessing different abilities, their shared experiences of rejection and isolation gives you a sense of belonging. 


But just as you start to feel at home and accepted, a series of odd discoveries and malevolent encounters hint at a sinister history not mentioned in the school brochure. 


As you and your new friends attempt to unravel the secrets of Hastur, while balancing school and your newfound social life, the seniors try to dissuade you from digging to deep – do you follow their advice or take matters into your own hands. Only time will tell which will protect you and your found family from becoming victims of whatever haunts Hastur. 


A narrative-focused tabletop roleplaying game, PARA, eschews traditional dice mechanics in favor of the evocative imagery and symbolism of the Tarot to resolve actions. The game encourages creativity and improvisation empowering players to interpret the cards in ways that resonate with their characters and the overarching story. 


While the core rulebook comes with a complete campaign sandbox, PARA can be played in a host of setting and for characters of all ages. 


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