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Ether Tarot
  • Ether Tarot

    Unusual collages, brimming with exceptional creativity, adorn this moody deck, offering a unique divination tool for those drawn to the occult.


    Each card in this deck is a journey, from the delicate whispers of one scenario to the intense stories that scream from the next. The art style, featuring muted and transparent effects, creates a ghostly ambiance with a rich, mysterious past. Explore the unexpected as some minor arcana cards weave a tale where nature harmonizes with mathematics—flowers overlapping with delicate, geometrical shapes.


    Crafted by a talented artist from Ukraine, this tarot deck, the Ether Tarot, invites you to explore the unseen realms and connect with the hidden energies that shape our destinies. Whether you're a novice or an experienced reader, the included guidebook ensures that you can unlock the secrets held within each card.


    78 + 2 Extra Cards | Standard Size 120 x 65 mm/4.75x2.75 inches | Rounded corners | Tuck Box | Printed booklet | Fabric Cut 

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