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The Fatebound

Coming to Backerkit Fall 2024

In "Fatebound" players step into a world that mirrors ours but where magic intertwines with modern society. Set against the backdrop of a clandestine society of witches, the game focuses on the journey of young witches training to ascend as Fates, the enforcers of the Council's edicts.


A Dice-Less TTRPG that uses the evocative imagery and symbolism of the Tarot to resolve actions, offering a dynamic and immersive experience for players. Here's an overview of key features:


Aetheria Academy: The setting revolves around the prestigious Aetheria Academy, where aspiring Fates undergo rigorous trials and instruction to become Fates. Here, players navigate through academic challenges, magical exams, and interpersonal relationships, all while proving their worthiness to become Fates.

Council Missions: As part of their training, players embark on missions assigned by the Witches' Council. These missions range from hunting down renegade witches to unraveling ancient secrets and thwarting dark conspiracies that threaten the magical balance. Each mission presents unique challenges, moral dilemmas, and opportunities to prove yourself worthy to be called a Fate.

Magical Duels and Intrigues: Throughout the game, players engage in magical duels, negotiating intricate spells and rituals to overcome adversaries. They also navigate political intrigues within the Council, forging alliances, uncovering secrets, and contending with rival factions vying for power and influence.

Consequences and Choices: Every decision made by the players has consequences that ripple throughout the game world. Whether it's sparing the life of a captured renegade witch or delving into forbidden magic to achieve their goals, players must weigh the risks and rewards of their choices, shaping the destiny of their characters, and possibly the world.

Dynamic Storytelling: The game is driven by collaborative storytelling, with the Game Master (GM) orchestrating the narrative based on player actions and choices. From dramatic plot twists to intimate character moments, every session unfolds organically, immersing players in a rich tapestry of magic, mystery, and adventure.


"Fatebound" offers a spellbinding journey into a world of magic, intrigue, and destiny.

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